ELEMNT BOLT & Garmin FR935 Video

Update: 2017, 15 march: Video removed from YouTube, placed some stills from that video
Update: 2017, 19 march: New set of pictures added to Garmin – Forerunner 935 – All pictures
Update: 2017, 29 march: Official Released : Garmin introduces the Forerunner 935

While watching some of the video’s on the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT i saw a video of Clever Training in which Nick Chase, USAT certified coach and pro triathlete, takes a look at the new ELEMNT BOLT cycling computer from Wahoo Fitness.

That part is interesting but the watch on his left hand is even more interesting as he’s wearing the new yellow version of Garmin Forerunner 935 which is released very soon :-).

It seems like the video is removed about a day after first reporting it. A lot of links where placed to the movie after reading this post so it was not a great surprise. I could just re-upload the whole video (100MB) but i don’t think some people would like that, in the meantime i will place some cropped and uncropped stills.
If some of you want more evidence just leave a comment and i will add more with tips on how to recognize a FR935.

FR935 total

Previous information on the FR935

Garmin – Forerunner 935 update

Garmin – Forerunner 935 / 635


Garmin – Forerunner 935 update


Update: Official Released : Garmin introduces the Forerunner 935

It seems we’re getting close to the official release as the pictures are becoming available.
They pop up, stay up and then get removed. However i got the first before they where withdrawn again.
The two versions seen in the picture above are the:

  • Forerunner 935 Black/Black
  • Forerunner 935 Yellow/Black


The firmware of the FR935 will be very close to the Fenix 5 series.

  • Advanced Performance Metrics
  • Advanced Running Dynamics
  • Compatible with Strava Live Segments
  • Outstanding Readability on the Run
  • Wrist-based Heart Rate
  • Dual Navigation Networks

Optical Swim HR NOT Disabled

update feb 15, 2017: Added Garmin confirmation quote.
update feb 28, 2017: Fact that the Fenix5 series still/again have swim OHR disabled may mean the quality and results are worse than expected. As result of this i wouldn’t be wondered if even this would be the same for the FR935.

Until now Garmin always turned off the optical HR when selecting a swim workout. With the release of the Forerunner FR935 this will NOT longer be the case.
Garmin does warn you to use a HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim for better results but the optical heart rate measurement  can be enabled during a swim workout.
This will also be the case for the Fenix 5 series which are about to be distributed.

Official Garmin quote:
Wrist heart rate accuracy during swimming is very limited. Garmin does not recommend using wrist heart rate during swimming activities and on some products, wrist heart rate monitoring is disabled while swimming. Garmin recommends using HRM-Swim™ or HRM-Tri™ heart rate monitors with compatible devices to track heart rate while swimming.

!! To the readers who can play with the Fenix 5 units at the various booths and shows they can verify the oHR is still/already working in swim mode on the demo units with certain firmware versions (confirmed: swim OHR disabled from user menus at launch)!!

(Advanced) Running Dynamics Pod (RDP)

update feb 15, 2017: It seems the pod was tested last week, picture added

Again it was no secret that Garmin was working on a new type of pod to update the existing one.
I didn’t pay any attention this unit as i thought it was a very advanced  future design not ready to be released. Then someone told me he would be more interested  in new/better/useful metrics than another new watch. I forwarded the mail and got some nice answers the last few weeks. Last info as of today (feb.15) is not to expect a too “advanced” pod.

I would think that with the launch of the Forerunner FR935 this would be a great combination to sell as bundle. Another reason for assuming the unit would be released already is the full support of this unit in the upcoming Fenix 5 series.

Technical Specifications
Physical size:L × W × H: 35 mm × 25 mm × 7.5 mm (excluding clip)
Weight: 11 g (including battery)
Battery: User replaceable CR2032

Garmin shop buy me now links (offline/removed for now)

Forerunner 935 (FR935): offline
Running Dynamic Pod (RDP): offline

Previous Forerunner 935 post

Read all about the Forerunner 935 in my previous post: FR935

Suunto, Garmin or Polar?


We already saw the Suunto Spartan Trainer months ago, recently followed by the Garmin FR935 but until now we didn’t see much of the “new V800”. The big question is: who will be first? All three watches are aimed at a higher sports watch level but the none of them has been announced. Suunto  will almost certain win on price, Garmin on features and Polar on the combo?

Garmin – Forerunner 935 / 635


update: added latest news and pictures in new post: Garmin – Forerunner 935 update


Round, Not square, Just another Fenix or “The end of an era” & “Le roi est mort, vive le roi!” as i called the announcement earlier. In this post we assume the FR635 is based on the same hardware as the FR935 we describe here, names and colors have been released but not a side by side or differences overview.

The first thing you will think about when seeing the Forerunner 935 is a Fenix.
Size, shape, buttons and text all very similar with a Fenix 3 or Fenix 5.

On the front the main differences are the start/stop button and the round bezel. No screws on the front like the most Fenix series, just an almost flat bezel with the texts engraved in it.

From the side the you notice the round buttons with icons on it and the flatness of the watch when compared to the Fenix 5 series.
Between the watch body and the front bezel is a ring in the same color as the strap, the ring is similar to the one found on the Fenix Chronos only thinner.

On the back there is only the oHR sensor and the charging connector.


The 5 buttons have names in text on top of the watch bezel like the Fenix3, they don’t have the small icons like the previous FR735XT or FR920XT.
On the side of the round buttons there is a icon, except the Start-Stop button which has a flat surface and has a different look than the other buttons.
The button placement is the same as the current Fenix series, meaning the Up and Down button are moved apart and not placed together as in the previous Forerunner series.

  • Start – Stop
  • Back
  • Down
  • Up
  • Light


  • Forerunner 935 Black/Black
  • Forerunner 935 Yellow/Black
  • Forerunner 635 Black/Gray
  • Forerunner 635 Marsala/White
  • Forerunner 635 Purple/White

Bundles with HR straps will be available at launch.

Optical HR

The FR935 comes with optical HR, this time not the old Fenix3 HR sensor but the latest version which is also included in the Fenix 5 series. Meaning a very small smooth optical bump on the back of the watch.


The new Forerunner doesn’t come with the QuickFit bands introduced with the Fenix 5 series. These watched just comes with same style silicon bands the Fenix 3 series used.


Charging  is done through the same new USB cable that Garmin has been delivering with the Fenix 5 series. This new charging cable should have been introduced in some 2016 products but due a small delay was first added in the 2017 products.
The main reason for introducing this new cable was avoiding new charging clamps needed for almost every new product in the past. The new USB cable uses  the thickness of the always needed battery in every watch to create a insert in the watch itself in which the cable fits.
The “insert” is located on the left / three button side of the watch just like the Fenix 5X

Special thoughts!

  • Barometric altimeter is nowhere found, not in the very limited description, not in any of the screens and not in any visual inspection of the watch.
  • The different colored start/stop button is unlike the Fenix not surrounded by the protection bumps the Fenix models had. This way the button seems more susceptible to damage.
  • We have a price of 499.99 but we have NO currency. This means it could be $499.99/€549.99 or $449.99/€499.99 or ? (watch only/no bundle). We had the same issue with the Fenix 5 watches but then decided to remove the prices.
  • We got one announcement week: Feb 20-Feb 24. But not a good source to confirm.
    extra information will be available begin march if this turn out wrong.
  • As noted earlier it is to be believed the FR935 and FR635 have the same base. In all information both pop up together. This is however not confirmed.

Forerunner 230/235/630 replacements.

First a little background.
When these 3 watches where introduced in the second half of 2015 they looked like a FR230 / FR235 pair and a 630.
This was not how they where designed, the combination Fr230/FR630 was designed together. And the FR235 was rushed in with Garmins own optical HR replacing the FR225 only introduced a few months earlier.

The FR230/FR630 internally use the same main PCB on which some components are left out for the cheaper FR230. These components are the Wifi chip and the ones needed for the touchscreen. The rest of the differences are made by blocking them in firmware.

If the FR635 is based on the same hardware as the FR935 they will disable multi-sport and other high-end functions and leave the rest untouched. Personally i think the FR230 will disappear, every new watch has oHR even the cheaper ones (FR35/ Vívoactive HR)

The FR235 was the first Forerunner with Garmins own oHR sensor. It was a great success from start. However it was a running watch, a few months later (the replacement for the 920XT would still take months) Garmin decided that it would be smart to launch a “mini” multi-sport watch. They took the FR235 and mounted a slightly higher clocked processor (*1), replaced the oHR with their latest version and enabled the multi-sports firmware options. 99% FR235 + 1% new would make a FR735XT.
(*1, some say the processor was not even changed, only the frequency was increased)

This means that at no cost Garmin could tomorrow release a FR240.
Take the FR735XT disable the multisport options and you have a “new” watch with the latest oHR and CIQ2.x.
Personally i think there will be a new developed FR240 with the combo FR240/FR740 in mind.

As from the hardware side, take a look at the what can be bought for $200


The Vivoactive HR was sold the last month for $199.99 (now back to $249.99)
For this price we got all the hardware available:

  • Color display with touchscreen
  • Wrist-based Heart rate monitor
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Electronic compass
  • Vibration alert

Garmin – PGA show 2017

Art impression Approach Laser Rangefinder (Virb+G8)


update: 31 may 2017: The Approach S60 series have been released at last
update: 30 jan 2017 post PGA2017.
The Approach Rangefinder Handheld did not appear meaning it will be quite a time before it will show.
In the mean time the Approach S60 did appear on various places, not announced but getting close.
the 4 versions will be:
* Approach S60 Golf Black
* Approach S60 Golf White Premium
* Approach S60 Golf Standard Dark
* Approach S60 Golf Standard Light

From January 24 till 28

At CES2017 Garmin didn’t show any Golf related devices, which with the PGA show only a few weeks later was not a big surprise.

With the PGA merchandise show starting next week we sum down the products we expect from Garmin. We would love to include other sportswatch makers as Polar and Suunto but they don’t don’t have a golf division and the TomTom watches are tech-wise not very interesting.

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