Garmin – Bike announcements?, Home automation app!

Garmin Lamp teaser

May 18: Next Garmin announcement will be the Virb 360 which will be released on May 24.


For the last week Garmin had a video online with a “home” lamp and the text “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control your house with your Garmin?” and the date of today.

My guess was that they would pull of the lamp cover and show the new Varia Headligh.

But it seems that video was real home control related:

Garmin is also excited to announce an integration with the SmartThings home automation app – a free download from the Connect IQ store that allows users to control things in their home – lights, TVs, etc. – through their Garmin Connect IQ compatible device.

Well my main focus is not on Bikes or even lamps but i made this post so i can name these items and all other items which are in progress.

Today ? Soon we will see the first and possible two items

  • Varia Headlight
    Full control by ANT+ and very similair (Co-op?) to Bontrager (haven’t read anything on the relation between Garmin and Bontrager but both are very active the last days)
  • Varia Tail Light with Radar and Camera (not soon, poc?)
    I believe the camera is new? (i would think a cam will make it a little expensive)

Later this year (Eurobike?/Interbike?) expect to see the next generation of some of the existing products. Not that the current products are outdated but new metrics and new/added technologies can make a boost in sales. The development of a special edge 1010 external battery pack means that the current internal battery will be enough for the normal rides but the long rides will have to rely on an external pack.
Which metrics and if all items will be bluetooth remains unknown.

  • Edge 1010 & accessoires
    Main unit and accessoires in the form of an external battery pack and mount
  • Vector 3
    Dual-sensing pedal-based power meter
  • Vector 3S
    Single-sensing Pedal-based Power Meter, affordable power meter with option to upgrade to dual-sensing system




7 thoughts on “Garmin – Bike announcements?, Home automation app!

  1. Eli

    Why the assumption the 1010 will be out in the fall time frame? The 1000 it replaces was initially released in the spring (sea otter) and the 820 came out in July last year


    1. The 1010 will not be out now, there is movement but as far as i can see very little (based on the last releases too little to expect it the next two months).
      It can be in the begin of July just like the 820 but the 1010 is the new flagship and if it’s released with the Vectors (same release story as the 1010) then i expect them to want massive press articles and hands on from people visiting both Eurobike and Interbike.
      So just as guess on some internal movement (survey’s, numbering, tech, sales etc) don’t blame me if they move it to CES2018, Sea otter 2018 or even Inter/Eurobike 2018.


  2. John

    Gave up waiting for Garmin to refresh their hardware and jumped to the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. Guess what, it just works. 15+ hrs of battery life thus far, no issues with sensors or loosing data, and TbT navigation that can have a new route loaded on-the-fly. Very happy with the Bolt.


    1. Totally agree on the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.
      I only have ONE very big reason not to buy it: Topo maps!. Garmin’s maps of some lands are still superior to the open street maps. Unfortunately these land are more important to me than my own land as i know most roads here.
      On request i provided information about these lands with multiple location examples to Wahoo (when the first Elemnt was released), they there a little “shocked” but there was not much they could do about it.
      Still watching these OSM location on regular base and as soon as it gets better i would go for the Elemnt Bolt.


  3. KevinL

    Same story here. Couldn’t wait any longer for the Edge 1000 replacement. Went with the Wahoo. This is technology! They need to refresh their products more frequently than every 3/4 years.


  4. Ben

    Garmin just released the Approach S60 golf watch. Looks like a Fenix based watch with a touch screen. A clue to an upcoming 640/645 running watch?


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