As many other people I’m interested in the combination of electronics and sports. Being a designer myself i often take a deeper look into a product on how it’s done. This together  with things is see, stories being told, questions or advise being asked sometimes makes a nice post for me to share with others.

This site has a primary function as a trial and error site to test functions i want to put on my main site once they are ready, none of these “test functions” should show up to the readers here.

All information published on this site can be found on the web often at multiple places, sometimes i combine the information and write it down. I try to verify the facts and mention the sources when available. All pictures are found on the web and are free of copyright restrictions or found on sites like tinypic which often don’t include any rights.  If you are a source or owner and if you want to be named or not named please drop a message and i will correct is asap.

Please notice: Some company’s spread or put information on the web themselves and remove it once it gets the wanted attention. Even the largest company’s use this method because it’s “free” publicity  (think of Gar..,  Can.. etc). Almost NONE of them are leaks.

Happy reading.