Descent, Garmin’s next Fenix4 model?


Descent, Garmin’s Dive watch ready to launch?

Edit 2017-10-31: Garmin released the Descent: Finally: The Garmin Descent Dive watch

Short version

As seen in the Chronos there are changes which could be designed with a dive watch in mind. Reliability under water, water-tightness and accuracy needed to be changed.
In the Chronos the following diving related items have been changed compared with the Fenix 3.

  • Opening on the back side with 4 evenly placed screws (increased ATM)
  • New barometric module (increased accuracy )

Until launch you can decide which version will fit you best. The Descent or the Descent Titanium (But maybe they can already be found in your local WalMart near the Xiaomi Mi Box :-)) Bands: 26mm posts, the screws use a torx t6.

Long version

The information that Garmin was going to release a diving watch is not a big secret. Plans have been around for a long time. The development team “diving” worked close with the Fenix team and tests where made with the Fenix 3.

In the mean time (April-2015) divers discovered the Fenix 3 and its possibility to use Garmin Connect IQ to create a nice app. To be sure it was allowed they even asked Garmin for permission: “I talked to the ConnectIQ team, and a depth measurement app will be approved, they are quite relaxed on approving apps.”

A year later,  July 2016 the app was taken offline by the Garmin Connect IQ Team with the following reason:

“Thank you for submitting IQ Dive Computer to the Connect IQ store. Your app has generated a lot of interest at Garmin, but there are also concerns.

The fenix 3 series of devices were not designed as dive watches. For example the altimeter is not a suitable replacement for a true depth sensor and may relay inaccurate depths, and the buttons are not rated for high pressure button presses and may fail at depth. Because these can present safety-of-life issues, we have decided to remove your app from the store.

We typically try to encourage as much creativity and innovation in Connect IQ apps, and are reluctant to remove apps unless they contain offensive material or are subject to DMCA takedown. In addition, we know that you have time and effort invested in this app, so it is with our apologies that your app is removed.”

Strange but i sounds plausible.

October 2016,  On the Connect IQ forums there is a sticky topic with the next title:

Diving-related Apps

Garmin has been as permissive as possible when approving apps for inclusion on the Connect IQ app store. Aside from apps that contain offensive material or are subject to DMCA take-down requests, we’re happy to allow pretty much anything else that our app developers would like to share with the Garmin community.

Late last week, however, we decided that apps designed for scuba diving or free diving activities will no longer be approved on the app store (any existing apps supporting these activities will be removed).

The reason is straight-forward: we do not currently have any watches or devices that are designed for expressly for these purposes. While some of our devices have water ratings that allow for water sports activities, scuba diving and free diving are not currently suitable activities for our devices (see Garmin designs and tests its products for their intended use to ensure safe operation and a positive customer experience.

If you have developed or are currently developing apps to support these activities, we apologize and do not want to be a source of discouragement. You may still continue to build and distribute these apps as you wish outside of the Connect IQ app store, but until Garmin produces a device which explicitly supports scuba diving and free diving, we cannot allow diving apps to be placed on any Garmin affiliated app resource.

The original app

IQ Dive Computer

IQ Dive Computer is a Garmin IQ App for compatible Garmin watches that provides real-time decompression information. It computes and displays no-decompression time limits in real time, along with current depth and total immersion time. It also supports decompression dives. When no decompression times are exceeded, the app will begin to display and compute the decompression depth ceiling in real-time. The decompression algorithm is Buhlmann’s ZH-L16. A dive planning feature allows the diver to determine allowable bottom times at different depths based on current saturation levels.

Download it from


5 thoughts on “Descent, Garmin’s next Fenix4 model?

  1. Kevin Hoang

    First of all, good job and thank you for the article and apps!! Got a question, is it possible to increase the font of the number? Kinda small and hard to read. Thanks


    1. To do that I would probably have to display less fields. The fonts only have very discrete sizes such as Large, medium,, small, tiny and threfore cannot be manipulated at a very high granularity.


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