ELEMNT BOLT & Garmin FR935 Video

Update: 2017, 15 march: Video removed from YouTube, placed some stills from that video
Update: 2017, 19 march: New set of pictures added to Garmin – Forerunner 935 – All pictures
Update: 2017, 29 march: Official Released : Garmin introduces the Forerunner 935

While watching some of the video’s on the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT i saw a video of Clever Training in which Nick Chase, USAT certified coach and pro triathlete, takes a look at the new ELEMNT BOLT cycling computer from Wahoo Fitness.

That part is interesting but the watch on his left hand is even more interesting as he’s wearing the new yellow version of Garmin Forerunner 935 which is released very soon :-).

It seems like the video is removed about a day after first reporting it. A lot of links where placed to the movie after reading this post so it was not a great surprise. I could just re-upload the whole video (100MB) but i don’t think some people would like that, in the meantime i will place some cropped and uncropped stills.
If some of you want more evidence just leave a comment and i will add more with tips on how to recognize a FR935.

FR935 total

Previous information on the FR935

Garmin – Forerunner 935 update

Garmin – Forerunner 935 / 635


22 thoughts on “ELEMNT BOLT & Garmin FR935 Video

  1. hugo

    Is there any release date ? i heard end of february but it’s mid mach now.

    Think about an acquisition of the 735xt but for maybe it worth the wait …


    1. Thats one of the problems with Garmin.
      I know whats coming, i can show everything that is public but i cannot give you the EXACTdates because they move around a lot. When a press release date is chosen they normal stay to that date but even then Garmin can decide to release it even earlier.
      Would it make sense if i give you the Edge1010, Vector 3 and Vector 3S while months away?
      Would you stop buying a new Virb when the new models can be released soon or months away?

      For the FR935 it’s worth the wait.

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    1. Hugo, thanks for the link, i had some the information about the MINI (wahoo site) but it was still in draft. I thought i already added yesterday it but i quess i didn’t do a site update.
      Added all information found (in the links) to the ELEMNT post and changed the title.

      again thanks for the link.


    1. I can’t write to much on that one as it’s all lose words with no good verified 2nd sources.
      My “Guess” 🙂 “A real Polar watch: Little resemblance with the previous.”
      Biggest problem with Polar is not the watch itself but the super slow updates to the final product, and on the web services side.
      That said my RS800 took 15!!months from announcement till arrival.
      The V800 took about 6 months from announcement till arrival, but needed 18 months to the receive OWS update.

      Polar changed the (base) platform with each major watch revision so hopefully they now “found” one they can build on. Meaning much faster time to market and updates.


  2. tommyg180

    Great information! Any thoughts on if like the Fenix 5, there will be a delay between announcement and availability? I think a lot of people are wondering how long they might have to wait for the FR935, and if its just easier to order a Fenix 5 now, given the features are presumably so similar? (other than FR935 being a bit lighter and cheaper)


    1. In the past there was always a delay between announcement and availability, 6 weeks is somewhere in the middel. Garmin did announce the FR735XT last year with immediate availability but that was only because the internals where (99%) the same as the existing FR235. The FR935 could for example be the Fenix5 in a different housing but if true there would still be a delay because of the recent release (backorders) of the Fenix 5. If the announcement would be end of may and the internals are Fenix 5 an immediate availability would be more likely.


      1. Mike

        Can you give any insight on the differences or similarities between the fenix 5 and the 935? I have an unopened 5 that I don’t want to regret opening.


    1. I can only say the 635 was first, then both (635&935) show up together at almost every news item, but a the last news only the 935 was included. So no updates on the 635, for that one all is “wild guess” even the looks.


  3. D

    That forerunner looks pretty good and I really want one. The 235’s price dropped to $370 this week here in Canada. They were 450 CAD at all the major retailers few weeks ago. I’m hoping it’s a sign that the 935 can’t be that far.


    1. Does seem plausible, however that’s still 4 weeks away.
      Last friday the 935 FCC was published and i received a complete set of pictures which seem to be part of the press release.
      Because of that i believe it will be earlier.
      I will post the pictures in a new post later today.


    1. No info on a updated HRM-Run.
      You know there are two versions of the run? The “old” run (HRM-RUN) and “new” (HRM4-RUN).
      The new one is not even two years old so little chance on a update. There is a new RD-Pod which adds running dynamics to the FR935 in case you don’t wear a strap.


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