Garmin – Forerunner 935 – All pictures

Garmin FR935 owners manual

Note: The link in the above picture is not working at the moment, it’s a part of the FCC-label document

Update: Official Released : Garmin introduces the Forerunner 935


Update: 2017, 22 march: Added scan from advertisement  Triathlete magazine (thanks: Webvan (Larry Lansford))

FR935 Adv crops

It seems the release a getting real close now.  The device was FCC-tested and the Federal Communications Commission published the report last Friday.
Last week we had the Clever Training in which Nick Chase showed the FR935.
Together with a complete set of pictures that got released by Garmin i think it could  be this week. On the other side a lot of people mention the Boston marathon (4 weeks from now) as a launch day.

(Remember:  i know nothing, wild guesses and everything found is floating on the web, for the best information you’ll have to find somebody with inside information (and then report it to me))

Some points from the documents

  • Transmitting methods:  ANT+, BLE & Wi-Fi
  • One of the samples is named 635, coincidence or will we see exact the same FR635  watch with less functionality ?


In the last picture are the side views of the Forerunner 935 and all 3 Fenix 5 watches. Not scaled to the right dimensions!


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32 thoughts on “Garmin – Forerunner 935 – All pictures

  1. Webvan

    Thanks for the update.
    It’s a detail, but thanks to the lack of QuickFit they’ve apparently been able to use a curved end strap that looks “nicer” (no gap with the watch). Too bad it won’t have a barometer or could the 935 have one and not the 635 ?


    1. I should note: There is no barometer evidence seen anywhere (photos, firmware), that doesn’t mean it isn’t inside.
      The normal “opening” seen in every previous watch is not seen on the left or right side. It could be under the strap at the top or the bottom. Maybe a new system through the side of the buttons or the charging plug on the back?


      1. Webvan

        Good point about the stairs, that implies a barometer inside…or that someone slapped the screenshot of an F5! Besides without a barometer what would be the “improvement” over the FR735 ?

        Talking about “openings” I wonder if I don’t see two small holes on the FR935 in the profile picture of the 935/F5s/F5/F5X heads?


      2. Could be me but i can’t discovery any holes. On the back you can see the USB plug (same side as the F5X) and you can see though the hinge (and see a bit of the yellow band) if that is what you mean (for the F5 series they are closed).


      3. Webvan

        You’re right upon closer look it does look like the “USB” plug and since the F5x already has it on the other side…we still have the “steps” climbed 😉

        I’m curious why would Garmin have posted this picture of the FR935 with the F5’s ?


      4. About the picture of the FR935 and all the F5’s, that one was put together by me. I wanted to see and show the differences between the watches so i put them side to side.


  2. hugo

    A man need a date .. It’s start to be teasing and teasing routine 😀

    *Zen, don’t buy a 735, wait, wait*

    Thanks for these fresh info ! keep us updated 🙂


    1. I do admit, teasing and teasing (not my fault, Garmin could announce it at CES)
      I just post all information that is mailed or collected to prevent people buying the wrong product. I even hold back 90% of the info because no public proof is available. I hope you don’t want to buy an edge1000 because you will be in the *Zen, don’t buy a edge1000, wait, wait* again.


      1. hugo

        I just put my Edge 25 in the washing machine sooo….. probably a reliable elemnt or a 520 in addition to the watch (and a saving plans too…).

        Which kind of info are you holding back ? (curiosity intensifies)


  3. Matt

    In case it will actually be a Forerunner 935, I was wondering about the model name. I suppose the “5” stands for the optical HR like in recent models, but why not “xt” at the end, like the 910xt, 920xt or 735xt ? or in other words, what does the “xt” stand for ?


    1. I don’t know the real meaning but back to the FR310XT they added the XT to watches that are Multisport. (eXtended Technology (or eXTream?, eXTra or just ..)
      Today every watch can do multisport and has similair technology so the meaningless XT postfix has disappeared.


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  5. Alexander Holbrook

    Does anyone think that the price of the 735 will drop by much with the release of the 935? Or will the 920 just drop by more and the 735 will hold tight for some time.


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  7. Steve S

    Triathlete magazine May 2017 issue has the following planned dates:

    May 2017
    The Reader Issue
    Ad Sales Close: 02/10/17
    Ad Materials Due: 02/24/17
    Available: 04/04/17

    So, it would make sense that Garmin planned to release the 935 watch on or before 04/04/17 given the magazine availability. Should be coming soon!!


    1. Thanks for the dates Steve S, Garmin obvious looked at the Available date (with a small margin) and thought they would be save.
      Suunto had the same problem last year when they introduced the Spartan Ultra, an ad was places before they offcial launched the Spartan Ultra.


  8. JP

    Garmin seems to release stuff Wednesday’s, Between the FCC confidentiality only until 4/1 and the Triathlete mag seems like tomorrow will be that Wednesday. Will see.


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