Polar’s Flagship “Vantage V” on the horizon?

Polar Vantage V Front and Back
Polar Vantage V

Post frozen, new information added in new post:

Polar Vantage V & Vantage M




Left: Vantage V – Right: Vantage M

It seems finally Polar has finished their premium GPS Multisport Watch: the Vantage V.

I have seen quite a few rumours about this one but no specs or pictures (when this post was first published) so lets start with the ones i like best (specs from Amazon):

  • Up to 40 hours of registration time with maximum precision, optical HRM and GPS enabled.
  • First watch able to measure running power from the wrist!
  • Polar claims it’s “the most accurate wrist heart rate recording system on the market” with both red and green LEDs (9*)+ 4El (electrodes )!
  • Price €499,-
  • Black, White and Orange  (Orange Only? shipping date mid November, 2018?)
  • Training Load & Recovery Pro
  • Weight: 81.6g (Garmin Fenix 5 plus = 86 g, Suunto Baro 9 = 81g)(99.8? with HR)

Product Description

The Polar Vantage V, the premium polar GPS Multisport Watch integrates cutting-edge technology, a design of first quality and the polar flow Integral ecosystem for all those who pursue maximize your performance optimizing your training.




White box Vantage V
Polar Vantage V proto “lookalike” box  (125 x 95 x 85 mm, 475gr)

Vantage M & Vantage V types and ordering info

90069634 – Polar Vantage V – Black HR  – €549,95
90069668 – Polar Vantage V – Black – €499,95
90070736 – Polar Vantage V – White €499,95
90070738 – Polar Vantage V – Orange exclusive – €499,95

90069736 – Polar Vantage M – Black M/L – €279,95
90069740 – Polar Vantage M – Black S/M – €279,95
90069738 – Polar Vantage M – White M/L – €279,95
90069744 – Polar Vantage M – White S/M – €279,95

Vantage M

A question why i didn’t include the Vantage M?
Basic because i have little interest and “limited” info on this watch.
Added the little info i have
Price should be: Polar VANTAGE M. € 279,99
I combined the two available pictures: Westernbikeworks and ducane

Polar Vantage M


Update: clarification: 4El stands for 4 electrodes (elektrodi), box size
Update2: (Aug 17, 2018) Date changed from date (on sale November 15, 2018) to “Available in presale“? (Orange) All European Amazon sites have the Vantage V added to their inventory. The orange remains (personal preorder) the only one which stays in the basket.
Update3: (Aug 24, 2018) Added Front and Back picture (comment from Pierre below, thanks!)
Update4: (Aug 27, 2018) Sales date of my Orange pre-order changed back to “on sale November 15” (in pictures you can find sept 29 for the Vantage M)
Update5: (Aug 28, 2018) In the Netherlands there is a demoday on oktober 3 on which a limited amount of Vantage watches are for sale (no model mentioned)
Update6: (sept 3) Added final types and pricing (europe), No major update. (new one: closed presentation begin next week, official Thursday 13 sept 2018, 12:00)
Update6: (sept 5 ) DNS changed, Polarvantage.com now points to the Polar.com site with Vantage teasers. https://d3bxcklrjdjbsc.cloudfront.net/polar/mp4/vantage-teaser-1.mp4 & https://d3bxcklrjdjbsc.cloudfront.net/polar/mp4/vantage-teaser-2.mp4

Introduction day 3 October 2018
The introduction day of the Polar Vantage is in sight. Wednesday, October 3, 2018 the watch is available at xxx Polar delivers a limited number of models, so make your reservation now!
Polar Vantage introduction day
Registration form Polar Vantage introduction day on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

E-mail address *
First Name
Last name *
Number of persons *
Time of day *
– 10 am
– 11 am
– 13.00
– 14.00 hours
– 15.00
– 16.00 hours
Reservation Vantage sports watch
Polar delivers a limited number of watches. Are you planning to purchase a watch? Then we advise to reserve one now.
Reservation of sports watch *
– Yes, I would like to book a Vantage sports watch
– No reservation



33 thoughts on “Polar’s Flagship “Vantage V” on the horizon?

    1. The only thing i know is the orange version that i have on order reports a sale date of Nov 15.
      I will try and see if the black and white versions report different dates.
      (must say it could be a standard +3 months time until announcement at which the real dates will be filled in.)


      1. Anders Lindell


        Regarding the (with both red and green LEDs (9*)+ 4El!) so it will most likely have 9 leds, what do you mean with (+ 4El!)

        Rumors also stats touch screen, have you heard anything regarding this?


      1. Scud

        Well, in the text you say: “I have seen quite a few rumours about this one but no specs or pictures”. So what is it – have you seen the specs list or not?


      2. The “specs” come from the pre-preorder i made for the watch, in basic what the sales system finds the most important features from the watch. There are some non common words in it which i presume come from the Finnish – English translation.


    1. That’s the way i read it.
      Personally i wouldn’t be surprised if the 9 LEDs turn out to be a combination of multicolor LEDs and single color ones. (technical you could count a RGB LED as 3 LEDs) after al it’s all about marketing.
      The electrode part is in the same text part as the LED part and the claim “the most accurate wrist heart rate recording system on the market”. Technical it’s not “new” but as this is Polar (quality) and not Garmin (quantity) it could indeed turn out to be the best wrist sensor on the market (with OWS?)


  1. Pierre

    I have found that both watches can be preordered on site westernbikeworks, at prices $499 and $279. The indicated delivery date is September 29th.
    There is also pictures, with a round design, and we clearly see on the backside the green and red leds and 4 electrodes.


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  3. Anders


    Do you have any more info/link about this rumor?

    Update5: (Aug 28, 2018) In the Netherlands there is a demoday on oktober 3 on which a limited amount of Vantage watches are for sale (no model mentioned)


  4. Berthold Kusserow

    No, actually it used to be a parked page. Now it is linked to the regular polar website. However, this website does not contain any new information, except for a link to a video clip, which already has been discussed in various fora. What is that supposed to mean?


    1. It means Stay tuned.
      No, first a site is registered (polarvantage.com) and kept at the registrant.
      Short before release/adding the data it is moved to the final “domain” which is Polar.
      Now with one press of the button all information on the Polar Vantage will be available.


  5. TK

    This is properly this video you will see when you get a password:
    [video src="https://d3bxcklrjdjbsc.cloudfront.net/polar/mp4/vantage-teaser-2.mp4" /]


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