Stay tuned, Polars move? – Polar M430


POLAR pioneer of wearable sports technology

Polar has posted a short video with someone running on the track and streets.
Only text: “Stay tuned > 6th April”


polar m430

We currently know it’s the new Polar M430, an advanced running watch with GPS and Wrist-based heart rate. According to Polar the Polar Flow web-service is already compatible with the M430.

Price will be $229.95, and it will be available in various colors (at least White, Gray and Orange)

More new can be found on the Polar site itself (starting 6 april): Polar M430

PolarM430 White
M430? (semi B/W picture or else the O from Polar should have been red)


  • Monochrome hi-res screen
  • Wrist optical heart rate sensor (6 leds)
  • Multiple sport profiles
  • Vibration alerts
  • No Android Wear

It looks like a V800 in a M400 housing with M600 oHR.

Line below can be downgraded as the source had to many faults on the M430 in my eyes.
It seems the source was average, it’s just how you read “hi-res” and “Multiple sport profiles” vs “multisport”
The current information suggests that the replacement for the V800 (not the Polar M430) would be no sooner than late autumn and the only other (interesting) product from Polar would be a bike computer (M460).

polar m430 white orange

Earlier today i just thought it could just be a firmware update of an existing watch, a re-announcement or a new accessoire. But maybe the long awaited replacement for the V800.

About updates planed by Polar we only know, Polar was rolling out
  • Sport watches as remotes
    With both the Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch and the Polar M600 Smart Sports Watch, users will be able to control their GoPro remotely, giving them the ability to start and stop recording in challenging conditions.
  • Telemetry and heart rate overlays
    With Polar’s new H10 heart rate sensor, users will be able to connect to HERO4 and HERO5 cameras via bluetooth and overlay telemetry and heart rate data directly onto their GoPro videos. According to Polar, functionality will begin rolling out soon between the HERO4 and the Polar V800. Later in 2017, support will expand to the Polar M600 and HERO5. Connectivity between both models and the Polar H10 will also be made available during the first quarter of 2017.


Thanks to a Tip from a Finnish reader and David

10 thoughts on “Stay tuned, Polars move? – Polar M430

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    1. Multiple 1+1+1+1 sources make 1/2 story. If the only small part of the posted specs it true than i know it’s a good source. Then the timeframe is the timeframe currently planned, if the specs don’t match, ignore that line.


    1. Yes i had an edit ready and posted it before i saw your comment, after that i saw a “wrong” comment on your site and wanted to comment on that and in the mean time we both posted the information.


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