Garmin – PGA show 2017

Art impression Approach Laser Rangefinder (Virb+G8)


update: 31 may 2017: The Approach S60 series have been released at last
update: 30 jan 2017 post PGA2017.
The Approach Rangefinder Handheld did not appear meaning it will be quite a time before it will show.
In the mean time the Approach S60 did appear on various places, not announced but getting close.
the 4 versions will be:
* Approach S60 Golf Black
* Approach S60 Golf White Premium
* Approach S60 Golf Standard Dark
* Approach S60 Golf Standard Light

From January 24 till 28

At CES2017 Garmin didn’t show any Golf related devices, which with the PGA show only a few weeks later was not a big surprise.

With the PGA merchandise show starting next week we sum down the products we expect from Garmin. We would love to include other sportswatch makers as Polar and Suunto but they don’t don’t have a golf division and the TomTom watches are tech-wise not very interesting.

Bushnell Golf is a large player in the golf world and has may watches and pocket sized golf GPS rangefinders  as well as a collection of laser rangefinders.

One of their top products the Bushnell “Hybrid Laser/GPS” described as “Laser Accuracy with GPS Convenience” is about to get some serious competition.

Bushnell Hybrid

Approach Rangefinder Handheld

Garmin is becoming a strong player on the greens and they have combined their Approach G8 GPS technology with a laser distance measurer. The result is a very high sensitivity GPS golf device that give you precise distances and other features for thousands of preloaded courses, so you can play your best golf.
A current very good example of a top end laser distance measurer is the Leica DISTO S910
Removing most buttons (downsize) and add the approach firmware is all Garmin had to do.

Leica DISTO S910
Latest update jan 18 2017: there seems to be a delay on one of the products, my best guess is – taking the complexity – it will be this one. If it’s only delayed a few months we will still see it on jan 24th

Approach G30 Handheld (current G7+G8+(G10))

Latest update jan 23 2017: Garmin released the G30 (no G20), press release picture added. No Connect-IQ for the Approach.
Gramin G30 Announcement


The current handheld G7 and G8 where added to the family of golf devices during the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando (Jan. 22-24, 2014).
After three years an update is likely which could add Connect-IQ to the approach line.
Like the current G8 the new Approach will be preloaded with more than 40,000 courses around the world viewable on a large multi-touch color display, and PlaysLike Distances, smart notifications and WiFi.
Device will have only one single button on the left (upper) side, everything else is done with the touchscreen. Housing is made of white plastic (bottom half) with a black band (top half) in which the display is mounted. No demos with Connect-IQ seen so maybe golfers don’t like or don’t need apps.

Approach S60 Wearable (Current S20 + S6)

Latest update jan 23 2017: Garmin released the G30, No Connect-IQ for the Approach so no reason to update de current S6.

An updated version of their current approach S6 GPS hi-resolution color touchscreen golf watch with comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses from around the world and features SwingStrength™, SwingTempo and TempoTraining.
Only real reason besides adding some items found in other approach golf watches would be the adding Connect-IQ to the approach line. If Connect-IQ is not brought to the approach series there would even be less reason to update. I’m know there was a Garmin nüvifone G60 but later Approach products seem to have a postfix of “0”. Naming of the Approach products got a bit “shady” after the S20 and G10 releases.

Approach X40 Wearable (current product)


An update of the current X40 is always possible, however this watch isn’t even a year old. .
Adding Connect-IQ to the other approach series could mean they wouldn’t let this one out.


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