Garmin 2017 announcements


Garmin will release a large amount of products in 2017.
At CES2017 they released the first few: The Fenix 5 series.

What will follow:

  • PGA show 2017
    PGA show 2017 is starting with the PGA Show Demo Day on 24 January on which Garmin will release their new Approach series golf related products.
    Not a multisport show but techwise the new Approach laser rangefinder maybe one of the finest Garmin products around.
    Post on this show next week with the lineup.
  • Bike
    In the first half of april we will see the latest announcements related to biking.
    I do find it a little late so personal i would expect it a little earlier.
    Partial lineup ready, post: march/april (update: possible move to interbike? (sept2017)).
  • “The end of an era” / “Le roi est mort, vive le roi!
    O, YES! For those who found the CES with only the Fenix 5 series a bit unsatisfied and would rather have something else. Can’t wait reading the user reaction in the forums once it gets announced (hints: Childproof and you got to read)
    No exact date but based on the other two, expect the announcement in February or March (before Fenix 5 shipping starts).
    Full specs available, post ?? (possible partial post in advance)
  • Other
    There are many other Garmin products coming which can’t be grouped so they will receive an announcement on their own.
    Many of them are updates on previous products and some will just be an offspring of the current just announced products.
    Partial lineup ready, posts likely after announcement if no additional info is received.

All Garmin announcements can shift forward and backwards as it has been the case in the past. I have almost the same information as all of you have, i only collect it on one page. If more than one (independent) source points to the same direction the probability increases. I have no connection with Garmin. In fact even i had to put my name on the pre-sales list end december to be  sure i was on the top of the list to buy a Fenix 5X. I expect my own in march. Based to the first results i will take a good look at the final map functions. If i buy a top end product with maps i would expect it to be usable, the first thing i would do with the current European maps is delete them. Garmin has the best maps, putting on maps which are unusable because the lack of detail (or the ability to display it) is a slap in the face. I’m not buying this product to navigate on the highway, i want to navigate in the mountains, in the forest or riding a bike. If none of these three is currently possible why do you include the maps?  I know the final firmware is not on the current watches but the maps should be ready.


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