CES2017 – A week later


CES 2017 closed about a  week ago.
What was announced and what did we expect to see.
I will cover only the biggest sports(watch) products as that’s my main interest.



Garmin released their Fenix 5 series of which the information already was released two months ago, nothing new and nothing added to that list.
I thought there might some golf products, but they where kept for later with a good reason. No other products where expected and  this seemed to be true.
Garmin will receive a own post with 2017 news shortly after this one, as there is to much. (see CES 2017 for small hints (more products and sooner!!))



Suunto (re)released their Spartan Sport Wrist HR, which should have been available last year but due to the unfinished firmware and large amount of bugs this watch was put back a little while.
Expected to see the Spartan Trainer but that didn’t happen.
Guess we will have to wait for that one a little longer.



Polar gave us a fantastic new HR with internal memory so we can log our swimming HR and read it out later. However it’s a bluetooth HR sensor with a non standard log protocol so the logged data can only read out by with Polar software or Polar products (for the moment).
Expected something more as there are small “facts”, but maybe Polar did learn after all these years and saw the impact of last years Suunto release. It sill will be a a colorful year for Polar.



No new products for now, but a big update to their platform and software. The new TomTom Sports App is a huge step forward. This is better news than a product launch as it gives room for better and higher end products in the short future.
New products are expected later this year as has happened the past years.


Multiple Android and Android Wear related watches, technical none of them with huge improvements over the previous generations and all waiting for the first mayor update to Android Wear 2.0 in February. In my eyes these are all smartwatches which can do sport but are not sport watches. Thing will change in time but not for the moment.


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