Suunto – Sport HR delayed? and full ahead



Suunto has silently removed the text:

New Suunto Spartan Sport models featuring wrist HR measurement will be introduced for Christmas.

Which was placed below the Suunto Spartan Sport header on the Suunto Spartan Collection site.
When will the official release be? I don’t know.

All i know Suunto planned 4 watches this year and only 2 have been released official until today:

  • The Suunto Spartan Ultra (Amsterdam)(released)
  • The Suunto Spartan Sport (Brighton) (released)
  • The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR (Cairo)
  • The  Suunto Spartan Trainer (Dubai)(short presale)

The reason behind this could be that Suunto has learned a very basic lesson:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Almost every reviewer who had the Suunto Spartan Ultra wrote the same story: Nice piece of hardware but lousy firmware and back-end. Most of these reviews will remain unchanged even after Suunto kills the thousands of bugs and releases the features which will make this watch the Ultra watch.

With that in mind it is to be believed that when released both the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR and Suunto Spartan Trainer Black Wrist HR will be more mature than the previous two Suunto Spartan’s where.

Back to the summer of 2016, Amsterdam & Brighton

Way before the summer it became clear Suunto was working on the next generation of sports watches based totally new hardware and firmware wise build with a new toolkit.
The first two watch had the names: Amsterdam and Brighton and should go on sale just after summer.

The Amsterdam became the Suunto Spartan Ultra and Brighton was launched as the Suunto Spartan Sport.

However from the very beginning there was something strange about these watches.
It all started with the magazine advertorial which was leaked / placed to early.
The very first official announcement was about a month later and only revealed some very basic specifications. And another month later some of the details were shared and (pre) ordering started.
The first Ultra watches that were sold had a limited function set of what will eventually be an Ultra watch. I have since seen and read various reviews and talked with engineers about both the Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport and i finally (for now) must agree with the conclusion of Ray Maker about the Suunto Spartan Ultra.

Simply put: The watch should have never shipped in this state.  Not back in August, not now, and probably not even in January or March 2017.

By every objective measure, this watch has less features than every watch Suunto has ever made in the segment, yet costs more.  It also works more poorly than every multisport watch they’ve ever made.

If you have a look functionality, at the bugs and backlog of the first released firmware versions no one with a little commons sense could make another conclusion.

In my eyes it looks like every employee of Suunto got a brand new Spartan Ultra to test and review  but the only way they all used it was as an activity tracker without ever giving feedback.

I know its very difficult building a new product almost from scratch with new hardware, supporting toolboxes and back-end, it’s the combination that has to work, but this was insane.

The good news is that it believe Suunto got the point and tries to do anything they can do to make the Spartan Ultra a real Ultra watch.

Next before christmas, Cairo & Dubai

The next two watches had the names: Cairo and Dubai and should follow way before christmas.
The Cairo is still in the race for the name Spartan Sport Wrist HR and we have seen Dubai appear shortly in the shops as Suunto Spartan Trainer.

At the moment it’s unclear when we will see the official release of both watches. It all has to do with the progress made on the first two watches.

Currently supported by Suunto Movescount


Suunto Spartan Ultra    The GPS watch with color touch screen and heart rate monitoring for athletic and adventure multisport

REF SS022654000    Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium (HR)
REF SS022656000    Suunto Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium (HR)
REF SS022658000    Suunto Spartan Ultra Black (HR)
REF SS022660000    Suunto Spartan Ultra White (HR)
REF SS022944000    Suunto Spartan Ultra Copper Special Edition (HR)

Suunto Spartan Sport    Sleek and strong multisport GPS watch with color touch screen and heart rate monitoring
REF SS022652000    Suunto Spartan Sport Blue (HR)
REF SS022648000    Suunto Spartan Sport Black (HR)
REF SS022673000    Suunto Spartan Sport Sakura (HR)
REF SS022650000    Suunto Spartan Sport White (HR)

Suunto Spartan Trainer
REF  SS022668000    Suunto Spartan Trainer Black Wrist HR
REF  SS022669000    Suunto Spartan Trainer White Wrist HR
REF  SS022670000    Suunto Spartan Trainer Mint Wrist HR
REF  SS022671000    Suunto Spartan Trainer Coral Wrist HR





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