Garmin trademark: QUICKFIT


Yesterday Garmin showed the world their press renders of the new Fenix 5 product series  The missing part was the text of the press release announcement which of course won’t be available until Garmin’s own full  press release has taken place.


One of the new developments we did see in the new watches was the watch strap.
Not the strap itself but the method of connection and release is new.
Garmin calls this QUICKFIT which is now a trademark of Garmin.

Garmin got their Notice Of Allowance on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, the status on the QUICKFIT trademark changed to “Notice Of Allowance – issued”.
About 6 months earlier a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed.
The trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products . The description provided for this trademark is watchbands; watch straps; parts and fittings therefor.

Garmin’s quick release

There are quick release systems around the world in many variations


Apple Watch slide in strap mechanism


Huawei (and others) quick release pins, these have a tiny handle that allows you to press the spring bar with your fingers without the need of any tool.

Another type is the screw type bar pin. With this type of release the bar is screwed on. Garmins QUICKFIT also uses this in the new Fenix 5 series. As you can see in the top picture.

What we can see is that the screw bar pin can be removed (on the Fenix5) (with a screwdriver) but this is not the quick release method trademarked.
The Garmin quick release has a latch which can be lifted and the strap can be removed. The mechanical latch part seems to be  screwed on the band and could be replaced if needed. The mechanical part is scalable to the needed strap width as we saw on the Fenix 5, 20mm, 22mm and 26mm are already available.

My guess is QUICKFIT straps will be included on every new Garmin watch released from now on.





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