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While we were waiting for the announcement of the Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR another Suunto watch the Suunto Spartan Trainer has shown up and went on presale.
A few shops started presale on 21 okt 2016 but as of  today 1 nov 2016 all have their presale pages blanked, closed or removed. First watch according to Sunnto will still be the Suunto Spartan Sports Wrist HR which is still to be announced before Christmas 2016.

Quote : New Suunto Spartan Sport models featuring wrist HR measurement will be introduced for Christmas.

Suunto Spartan Trainer


Suunto Spartan Trainer is a versatile GPS sports watch for people who lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Featuring convenient and accurate wrist heart rate, the Trainer also tracks your daily activity with calories and steps.
The Spartan Trainer is the lightest and slimmest of the Spartan collection and is ready to train how you want – whether you swim, hit the gym or run trails.
Spartan trainer’s comfortable fit makes it your natural partner as you reach towards new goals every day.


  • Battery life up to 8H in training mode, 10 days in time mode
  • Wrist HR measurement and 24/7 activity tracking
  • Slim & lightweight design with 50 meter water resistance
  • Integrated GPS with real-time breadcrumb view
  • Sport-specific training modes for triathlon, running, and overall training
  • Rechargeable 300mAh lithium-ion battery

Suunto Spartan Trainer

  •  Suunto Spartan Trainer Black Wrist HR – SS022668000 ($269)
  •  Suunto Spartan Trainer White Wrist HR – SS022669000 ($289)
  •  Suunto Spartan Trainer Mint Wrist HR – SS022670000 ($289)
  •  Suunto Spartan Trainer Coral Wrist HR -SS022671000 ($289)

Suunto Spartan Solution

The Suunto Spartan solution for athletic and adventure multisport comprises of Suunto Spartan GPS watches, renewed Suunto and mobile smart phone application for iPhone & Android.

The Suunto Spartan solution will continue to develop in the coming months

  • Suunto Spartan Ultra – The GPS watch for athletic and adventure multisport
  • Suunto Spartan Sport- The GPS watch for athletic multisport
  • Suunto Spartan Trainer – The GPS watch for healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR – tba ?

Best part of this watch will be the start price: $269,- (black)
This watch will have a far better value for money than the Suunto Spartan Ultra.

For that price you will receive a multi sports watch with optical HR.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR?

Suunto still has the quote on their website about the Suunto Spartan Sport models featuring wrist HR measurement.  I don’t know (anymore) if this has been renamed  to the Trainer or if they will release another watch with wrist HR. There could be a few differences between the two models like: Touchscreen, Barometer and Vibrating feedback but what would be the price?

update: 2 nov 2016 – The Trainer is definitely NOT the renamed the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR, which will still be released later. Suunto will have two watches in the Spartan series with wrist HR and two without.

Suunto Spartan Ultra – $699 / +HR $749 (Titanium $799 / +HR $849)
Suunto Spartan Sport – $549 / +HR $559
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR – ???
Suunto Spartan Trainer (wrist HR) – $269 (black) / $289 (other)

If the Sport Wrist HR version would have the same price and functions as the current Sport version NO way i would buy the sport version over the Trainer version. Unless they really, really, really cripple the firmware in the Trainer version. But looking at the specification the Trainer has sport specific training modes like triathlon (=multi-sport) so my guess is that this will not be the case. All versions of the Spartan series support Suunto Movescount, the online sports community so no differences there.

Calling a watch “Trainer” is NOT something without reasons, it doesn’t mean it’s a lover version of a “Race” watch. No it’s the opposite, for training you need schedules and training programs together with perfect registration to analyze your training to get better. Because it supports multi-sports training it needs to connect and support every part of a training, meaning connection to external sensors like footpod, speed, cadence and powermeters. For swimming this means full use of internal sensors to calculate speed, distance and stroke and type. For the race the hard work is done and perfect registration is the only thing a watch can do.

As for the Suunto Spartan Trainer it looks like the watch to get! too bad i missed the presale :-(. It may take a short while in getting all out of the watch as Suunto seems to have slight delay in bringing the features to their newest watched but finally it will be all there.

For the first time i believe Suunto will force some others to respond. Specially Garmin who now sells the Forerunner 235 (running no multi-sport) for $329.99 and the “same” watch (different firmware) as Forerunner 735XT (running but multi-sport) for $449.99.




Source: bhphotovideo / Gearcoop /  5krunner


3 thoughts on “Suunto – Spartan Trainer

    1. I have to admit i stopped asking and looking at the Suunto’s last year after seeing their firmware update logs. The last months they did some serious catchup so maybe they think the time is right.
      I do have to say the watch has appeared multiple times on amazon (and some other sites) and after a few days info is deleted or changed (like the removal of pricing at the moment on Amazon). It could be it will disappear totally tomorrow and reappear a few weeks later.


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