Garmin, Chronos the first Fenix4


It looks like the recently released Garmin Fenix Chronos is NOT just another Fenix 3.

Looking at all information available on the Chronos, it seems they rebuilded the complete watch. In fact everything points to the direction of the Chronos being the first Fenix 4 to see the light.

What has changed:

Outer parts:

  • 180 degree rotated placement of USB connector. (left to right)
  • Reduced height of optical HR.
  • Reduced height of total unit. (due oHR and smaller battery)
  • No more screws on front, Accessibility of unit now from back.

Inner parts::

  • New optical HR. (taken from FR735)
  • New Rotated optical HR placement. (compared to Fenix3HR and FR735)
  • New (smaller) battery, only 180mAh. (taken from FR630)(previous 290mAh/300mAh)
  • New Faster uController with more memory, support Connect IQ 2.1.
  • New Display, 64  colors. (RGB222) (previous 16)
  • New EXO™ antenna.
  • New communication antenna (BT,ANT, (Wifi?))
  • New barometric module/PCB.
  • No Wifi. (Chronos only?)

Two versions of the Fenix 4 will be available at launch:

  1. the regular version (“plastic shell”)
  2. the steel version.

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